To marry art

My Wedding with Ceramics, Sweden 2015

When I was a little girl I discovered the importance of clothing, maybe that’s why there is this saying: “Clothes make the man” (or the woman, in this case). My clothes always were either too old, or too wrinkled, or too big, or too small. I wanted to wear a uniform for this exhibit, just like I did when I went to school in Mexico.

Throughout the summer, it has been important to wear the same dress every day. I did it both for the sake of aesthetic harmony to document my work process, and also because I didn’t want to ask myself every morning “What should I wear today?” I have no intention of coming across as a genius. I know that only men can be geniuses. But I was inspired by Einstein and how relieving it is to wear the same clothes every day. I’ve worked wearing my uniform every day this summer. It’s been three months of hard work, during which I have made my artist dreams come true. And I have been asked if I have time to be with my son, as if being a woman and an artist was a synonym of child neglect. As a woman, you don’t have too many options—you can be a mother, a wife, a daughter, a virgin or a whore. Society forces you choose one option. After considering my options, I did what I had to do: I married Ceramics, and this marriage – this spiritual pact with clay – will last forever.

Photo: Kushtrim Ternava